Bursaries, Grants & Scholorships

List of Current Youth Post-Secondary Supports in Ontario

•  National Youth In Care Network – Ken Dryden Scholarship

The Ken Dryden Scholarship is named after a former NHL hockey star and is worth up to $3000.  It is available for students in college and university who are or were in care.  The deadline for applications is the first Friday in March of each year.

•  Ontario Student Opportunity Grant

The Ontario Student Opportunity Grant is awarded to help you lower your student debt.  The amount you can get is based on the length of your program and the amount you get from OSAP.  You can receive this grant simply by filling in your tax return.  The grant is paid directly to the organization that manages student loans, which is called the National Student Loans Service Centre.

•  Storewell Bursaries

If you are a student and in care, you can receive a bursary of $2000 each year to help you go to college or university through Storewell Bursaries.

•  ScholarshipsCanada.org

The ScholarshipsCanada website has a database that can help you find scholarships, bursaries and grants.  You can search the database by school or field of study.  The website also gives you the details about how to apply and the specific things you need to apply.  You can also find information on the website about applying for student loans and planning a budget to manage your money well.

•  StudentAwards.com

StudentAwards (yconic.com ) has $87 million available for its members.  If you are a Canadian university or college student, you can join for free and find many scholarships, bursaries, contests, special student offers, giveaways and other types of financial help.

•  Ontario Crown Ward Postsecondary Application Fee Reimbursement Program

If you are a first-time college or university student and are a youth in Extended Society Care or a former youth in care, you can apply to have your college or university application fees reimbursed for the first five schools that you apply to.  This is offered through the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

•  Scholarships for Aboriginal Students

If you are an Aboriginal student in college or university, the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society has put together a list of 20 scholarships and bursaries available for you.  The amounts, deadlines and other information are listed on the website.

•  Scholarships for Aboriginal and Métis Students

If you are an Aboriginal and Métis student in Ontario, you can find a list of scholarships and bursaries available to you on their website.


The Youth in Care Bursary offers a minimum $5,000 bursary to students coming from the child welfare system for up to four years through McGill University.