In this section, you will find information with regards to community resources to help you find employment in Ontario, choose a career, what is employment insurance and programs to help you get started.

•  Government Employment

The Ontario Public Service (OPS) is one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers.  Their website offers information about how they recruit and hire employees and their workplace philosophy and values.  It also offers help with resume writing and how to succeed in an interview.

•  Job Bank

If you are looking for a job, the Government of Ontario offers a bilingual website that lists job opportunities in your area.  You can search the job postings and apply online or visit the location in your area.

•  Employment Ontario

If you need training in a field, to build your skills or to find a job, Employment Ontario can connect you to resources and employers looking for workers with your skill set.

•  Employment programs for people under 30

If you are under 30 years old, the Ministry of Ontario offers job and program funding.  Their online tools can help you build your skills, find a job, or even start your own business.

•  Choose a career

If you are trying to decide which career path to take and what training you need, you can find out which careers are in demand and where they are located on this website.  This can help you decide what training you need and where you want to work.

•  Second Career

If you have been laid-off and are looking for a second career, the Ministry of Ontario can help you with skills training and financial help.  They can help you train and find work in high-demand careers.

•  Students and young entrepreneurs

If you are between the ages of 15 and 29 and want to start your own business, the Government of Ontario offers training and funding to get you started.  This website can connect you to resources that include grants for young entrepreneurs, programs for you to get international experience, and skills and job training.

•  Supports for people with disabilities

If you have a disability and need help finding a job or starting a business, visit the website for The Ontario Disability Support Program.

•  The skills you need

If you have an idea of your career goals but are unsure what you need to make them a reality, the Ontario Ministry of Education offers a program to help you learn about the skills you need for many different careers.  It even helps you track the skills you already have.

•  Employment Insurance

The Employment Insurance program is offered by the Government of Canada to make sure that unemployed Canadians can get temporary financial help.  Visit your nearest Ontario Works office or the bilingual website.

•  Employment standards

Everyone should know their rights as a worker in Ontario.  The Ontario Ministry of Labour’s website gives you information about employment standards and your rights in the Ontario workplace.  The website covers many topics, including:

•  Minimum wage
•  Job loss
•  Health and safety in the workplace
•  Hours of work
•  Paid and unpaid leaves
•  Public holidays